Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Indirect land use change in Version Zero of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels

3.e looks like a placeholder as yet, but it has some curious parts - i.e. does the use of "previously cleared land" really minimize ILUC?  

3.e        GHG emissions from indirect land use change, i.e. that arise through macroeconomic effects of biofuels production, shall be minimized. There is no broadly-accepted methodology to determine them. Practical steps that shall be taken to minimize these indirect effects will include:
o        Maximising use of waste and residues as feedstocks; marginal, degraded or previously cleared land; improvements to yields; and efficient crops;
o        International collaboration to prevent detrimental land use changes; and
o        Avoiding the use of land or crops that are likely to induce land conversions resulting in emissions of stored carbon.
Key guidance: The use of residues and waste shall not violate Principle 8 on Soil. Careful definitions and guidelines for identifying preferred land (marginal, degraded, underutilized, etc.) will be needed. The RSB will work with key international and national agencies and experts to try to provide a methodology to measure the indirect impacts of biofuels production for inclusion in the assessment of compliance with this standard, and to give guidance to producers.

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