Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Far more land use in Brazil than is allowed by forest reserve law

A new study by the Brazilian Agricultural Corporation (EMBRAPA) has tallied all land legally available for all rural and urban land uses in Brazil. The findings sharply diverge from observed land use and suggest the impracticalities of enforcing environmental laws requiring legal reserves. The article's headline says that by environmental law only 7% of the Amazonian biome is available for any land use.  The most surprising finding is that just 33% of the country as a whole is available for land use by law, approximately the area now occupied by cattle ranching.  "What about already occupied agricultural areas, cities, mines, industry, and infrastructure,"asks the study's author Evarista de Miranda.

MNP - Movimento Nacional de Produtores: "03/09/2008
Fonte: Tribuna da Imprensa Online
Embrapa: 7% do Bioma Amaz�nia s�o pass�veis de ocupa�o
Um estudo da unidade de monitoramento por sat�lite da Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecu�ria (Embrapa), de Campinas (SP), mostra que o aumento significativo das �reas destinadas �prote�o ambiental e ao uso exclusivo de algumas popula�es reduziu de forma significativa as �reas pass�veis de ocupa�o econ�mica urbana, industrial e agr�cola. De acordo com o estudo, em termos legais, apenas 7% do bioma Amaz�nia e 33% do pa�s seriam pass�veis de ocupa�o."

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